Academics & Admission

  • What are the dates for the semester?
    Spring runs from the end of January – mid-May. Fall runs from September – mid-December. For actual dates, visit the University's academic calendar.
  • What is the average class size for students?
    18 students
  • What is the student to professor ratio?
    The student to professor ratio is 14:1.
  • How do students register for classes?
    You can register online 7 days a week, 24-hours a day through the MyPace Portal once you are eligible to do so. You are also able to view your registration dates and times under the "Registration Status" section of the MyPace Portal. This information will be available approximately a week prior to the opening of semester registration. You can find more information on the Office of Student Assistance website.
  • Do you provide tutors or a tutoring service?
    Free tutoring is available both in person and online for specific subject areas and no appointment is necessary. For more information, visit the Tutoring Center here or the Writing Center website.
  • What services are available to help students make a successful transition to college life?
    The Center for Academic Excellence is the comprehensive academic support network at Pace University that can guide students through their academic and social transitions to college while helping them move forward to graduation. For more information, please click here.

Residence Life

  • What items are not allowed in student rooms?
    There is a list of items on the Residence Life website that can be found by clicking here.
  • Can a student get a single room in the residence halls?
    There are very few single rooms in Pace housing. Most are selected by upper-class students at Room Selection Process and first-year and transfer students aren’t eligible for single rooms.
  • How are roommate assignments made?
    Your student will be placed with a student who most closely matches the personal information you provided through The Roommate Project.
  • Can students have overnight guests?
    Yes. Being a guest in Pace University's residence halls is a privilege, not a right. Guests must present valid photo identification at the community desk prior to entering the building. For more information, please click here.
  • What is the meal plan all about?
    All resident students are required to purchase one of the supplemental meal plans. Plans are assigned based upon your earned academic credit hours or housing location.

Financial Aid & Money Matters

  • What is the FAFSA federal school code for Pace University?
    New York City Campus: 002791
    Westchester Campus: 002792
    White Plains Graduate Center: 002727
  • How do I apply for Financial Aid?
    In order to receive federal or state aid, all students must complete the FAFSA online.
  • How much does Pace cost?
    The tuition costs can be found at www.pace.edu/tuition.

  • How do I view and pay my student’s bill?
    Your student will receive a bill online in their MyPace Portal and a paper bill will be mailed to their address on file. You can find more information about payments on the Office of Student Assistance website.
  • Do you offer Academic Scholarships?
    Yes. Please visit the Financial Aid website for more information.
  • How can a student apply for a scholarship at Pace?
    Once your student applies to Pace, they are automatically eligible for Pace scholarships. There are, however, additional scholarships available for students through our Endowed Scholarship Fund which can be found here.

Safety and Security

  • How safe is campus?
    Very safe! The primary responsibility of the Safety and Security Department is to ensure the safety and security of the students, faculty, staff and visitors of the University. There is a supervisor on duty at all times in addition to fixed and patrol assignments. You can find more information on the Safety and Security website.
  • What security services are available?
    Listed below are a few services provided by Pace security:
    • Cut and issue keys for doors and furniture.
    • Provides an escort between any two points on campus between dusk and dawn.
    • Administers the University parking program, including issuing permits and enforcing regulations.
    • Jump-start vehicles with dead batteries and provides slim-jims to those who have locked themselves out of their cars.
    • Notifies members of the University community in the event of certain crimes.
    • Campus closings and eAlerts
  • What are the campus safety protocols in case of emergency?
    Pace employs several different emergency protocols to assist the University community in handling emergencies. You can read each emergency protocol by clicking this link.

Health and Wellness

  • What kinds of resources and services does the Health and Wellness Center provide?
    The Health and Wellness Center provides recreation centers, fitness rooms, and the University Health Care office. These services allow your student to exercise and get medical attention as necessary. You can find more information here.
  • Who can I talk to if my student is having a problem?
    The Counseling Center Staff is available to discuss any personal or emotional difficulties in complete confidentiality. Services include individual and group counseling and range from counseling for personal and professional problems to crisis intervention. You can find more information on the Counseling Center's  website.
  • What is the campus alcohol policy?
    Pace University has a strong commitment to a healthy and safe environment for all members of the University community. It is the policy of the University that the unlawful use, possession, sale, distribution, or manufacture of controlled substances and alcohol on University property or at University sponsored programs and activities are prohibited. You can find the full Drug and Alcohol Policy here.
  • Are students required to have health insurance?
    All full-time undergraduate and graduate domestic and international students must have health insurance. These students will automatically be enrolled on the school accident/sickness plan when they register. You may waive the school's insurance if you provide comparable proof of coverage. You can learn about health insurance and waivers here.
  • Where is the nearest hospital?
    • For NYC, the nearest hospital is New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital. The address is 170 William Street, New York, NY 10038.
    • For Westchester, the nearest hospital is Phelps Memorial Hospital Center. The address is Route 9 at Route 117, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591.

Career Services

  • Who can help with career planning?
    The staff at Career Services will be able to help your student with career planning. Career preparation is an extremely important part of the Pace experience and is instrumental in helping your student chart their course from freshman to senior year and beyond! You can find more information about Career Services here.
  • What resources are available for student and graduates seeking jobs?
    The Career Services Department offers practice interviews, career fairs, and career advising for all students here at Pace. This department will help prepare your student to enter the workforce with the necessary skills to succeed.
  • After graduation, what is the career placement rate?
    Thousands of Pace students are participating in internships, practicums, and fieldwork experiences currently. Each year, many Pace students participate in some form of experiential learning! You can learn more information by visiting the Career Services website.

News and Contact Information

  • Who should I contact to notify of a family emergency that affects my student?
    In such cases, you may contact the Dean for Students Office during the regular work day or the Evening Administrator, after 4:00 p.m. See sections Dean for Students Office and Evening Administrator/Information Centers for contact numbers by visiting here and here.
  • Where should I send mail to my student?
    You can send your mail to your student on campus by following the examples listed at the Mail Services website.

Student Activities

  • What activities are there on campus?
    There are plenty of activities for your student to participate in. They range from student leadership, concerts/events, Greek life, athletics, and intramurals. You can find more information here.
  • What types of organizations are there on campus?
    The types of organizations on campus range from business/professional, academic/college interest, cultural/social/religious, media/entertainment, and student governance. More information can be found on the Student Development and Campus Activities website.
  • Are there any athletic/sporting events?
    Pace University offers a wide range of athletics and intramurals for Pace students to participate and enjoy. You can find more information and events regarding Pace athletics on their website.


To send mail and/or packages to your student, please send to:


Student Name
861 Bedford Rd
Alumni Hall
Box # 8888888
Pleasantville, NY 10570
Student Name
Building Address
Room #
New York, NY 10038